Why Your Workout will Suck without Carbs


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Why Your Workout will Suck without Carbs Before Your Workout


To get the most out of your workout and to be able to endure more intense workouts, you need the highest energy possible before and during the workout. To get this high level of energy, getting an appropriate amount of carbs before your workout is recommended. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy for the body.

While carbs are often warned against as bad for your health, a moderate amount of carbs can give you a boost of energy that is actually much needed for your workout.

Low carb diets are promoted as a healthy alternative nowadays, but carbs are actually good for you—it’s the excess of carbs that is not.

The trendiness of low carb diets have created a fear of carbs, but carbs are very beneficial to everyone, especially those who are active.

They should be consumed on a daily basis. It is especially important to eat before a workout. If you don’t, you will be quite low of energy, and will not be able to exercise to the best of your ability.

Since carbs are the most important energy source for the body, you should consume healthy carbs before working out to get an adequate workout.

There are both good carbs and bad carbs.

What Are Bad Carbohydrates?…

Bad carbs come from pastas, white bread, cereals, pastries made with white flour, and processed sugary drinks, candy, and deserts.

All of these bad carbs increase your risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other negative effects. This is why carbs are written off as “bad” and low carb diets are so widely promoted.

These unhealthy foods just happen to be filled with carbs; but that doesn’t make carbs themselves necessarily bad. There are perfectly healthy replacements of these foods that are not only healthy, but have the adequate amount of carbohydrates that you need to be highly energized.

What Are Good Carbs?…

Easy to find alternatives to these include high carb fruits and vegetables, along with whole grain pasta and bread. Avoid breads that are made with white flour and stick to eating whole grains.

A couple of hours before your workout, have a meal that includes healthy carb filled foods like brown rice, whole grains, and pasta.

If you choose to eat closer to your workout, say thirty minutes before, then opt to eat whole grain cereal, crackers, or bread.

After your workout, consume things like yogurt, fruit smoothies, energy bars and chocolate milk.

During your workout, you can have a carbohydrate drink. How many carbs you have depends on your goals; do you intend to lose fat, or build muscle?

Plan how many carbs you will have in a day based on that.

If you intend to build muscle, then it is best to have carbs before your workout then it is recommended to have a meal that is fueled with carbohydrates an hour or two before your workout.

If you are trying to lose fat, then eat a reduced carbohydrate meal before your workout to keep your calorie intake low.

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