Why You Should Keep Your Workouts to Under an Hour


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1 hour workout for menWhen trying to mold your body into the form you desire, whether building muscle, losing weight or both, it is important to take the proper steps for best results.  The proper diet and exercise regime is the most important aspect of any body conditioning.

The time you spend in your workouts is also significant to successful results.  It is vital to keep your workouts to under an hour.

Here are some reasons why you should limit your time in your workouts:

Lactic Acid Buildup
Lactic acid releases into the muscles after the body’s energy stores have depleted.  Though lactic acid can help out by bypassing where you would normally fatigue in a workout, it is only good in small doses when trying to build muscle.

To help prevent a buildup of lactic acid, make sure to stay hydrated, work out frequently without overdoing it, and increase the intensity of each workout in a gradual way.

Lifting weights is a definite activity that promotes lactic acid buildup, so you should keep your workouts to under an hour and decrease your intensity if you feel a burn.

Catabolic vs. Anabolic
You want your body to go into an anabolic state when working out so that you will build muscle.  The catabolic stage is what you want to stay away from.  Catabolism breaks down muscle tissue to create energy.  When workout you will want to avoid overtraining and really, it is a good goal to set to keep your workouts at 45 minutes or less.

This will help you stay out of a catabolic state. A pre-workout meal will help you delay the start of catabolism as well as a post workout meal will help restock your energy stores.

Maintaining Motivation
Staying motivated to continue your workouts is also a very important part of any healthy life.  When you keep your workouts to under an hour, you will not dread the idea of working out on your scheduled workout days.  When workouts run over an hour and for some multiple hours, it takes a toll on their bodies and on their mentality.  

It can become a challenge to just get up and hit the gym or begin the workout at home because of the time one feels they have to devote to exercise to get the gains they are looking for.  By keeping a shorter, yet solid, workout time you will not feel so overwhelmed and you will still see the gains, if not more successful gains from your workouts.

Less Time Yet Better Gains
Keeping your workouts under an hour will produce the gains you are looking for and you will have time for other activities that you like to do.  Time can be your friend in your workouts or it can work against you.  Your body can only handle so much anyway, so make sure not to over extend yourself by spending too much time and achieving less than you should when it comes to your fitness goals.

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