What is Muscle Fatigue and How to Prevent It?


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What Causes Muscle Fatigue?


Muscle fatigue is the condition that occurs when the muscles gradually lose the ability to generate force. It is usually the result of strenuous exercise but it can also occur when muscle contraction is interfered with.

The two main causes of muscle fatigue are limitations on the nerve’s ability to generate a signal and the lessened ability of calcium to stimulate muscle contraction. It mainly occurs when the muscles cannot exert force, or when the muscles need to exert more effort than usual to meet a desired level of force.

There are also genetic conditions that cause weakness in the muscles. With exercise induced muscle fatigue, it is believed to be the body’s reaction to a temporary exhaustion of its energy supply. This is usually not treated like a more serious medical problem.

Usually, after some rest the problem can be resolved. The body can also be trained to increase its endurance so the muscles will not fatigue so easily.

There are times when the cause of the muscle fatigue is not exercise or physical exertion.

A minimal amount of physical exertion can cause muscle fatigue as well. In these cases, serious concern must be raised.

This means that the muscles are weakening because of a variety of issues. Weakening muscles in this sense can cause a general decline in the overall quality of life, along with heart problems and breathing problems.

Issues with the central nervous system along with other issues include muscles and nerve cells at the location of fatigue.

Several genetic conditions can also cause muscle fatigue. Athletes, bodybuilders and other active people are especially at risk for muscle fatigue. Athletes can be at risk for muscle fatigue if they don’t properly stretch before a workout.

Also, those who only engage in physical activity such as sports on scattered occasions may find themselves more susceptible to muscle fatigue.

A poor diet is also a big contributor to muscle fatigue. Staying hydrated during times of intense physical activity is important to preventing muscle fatigue.

Muscle fatigue caused by physical activity can be treated with fluids and rest.

Other types of muscle fatigue will require physical activity, medications, and more vigorous treatments, especially if the muscle fatigue is the result of a more serious condition.

Those affected with muscle fatigue from physical exertion can recover within a few days with proper rest and hydration.

If the muscle fatigue lasts longer than a few days and significant weakness is experienced, then a doctor should be consulted. In athletes and others who are physically active, muscle fatigue can be easily avoided.

Make sure to do a full stretch before a workout, run, or before engaging in sports activities. In times of intense activity, make sure to stay hydrated.

Keep a healthy, well balanced diet in your daily life as well. Unless you do have a serious condition, there is no reason to experience muscle fatigue.

The individual has to take the proper measures to insure that they do not get injured, and this includes preventing muscle fatigue.

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