What is Lean Muscle? The First Step to a Perfect Body


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What is Lean Muscle?


what isa the definition of lean muscle
Before you decide to work out in order to shape your body, there is something you must have a clear image about: what is lean muscle and what exercises are recommended for you to be able to build it?

You may not know what it stands for, but, if you’ll ask your fitness instructor “what is lean muscle?”, you’ll find out that this is just a fancy word used to describe the muscle tissue.

As we all know, the human body has three types of muscle tissue: skeletal muscle (for locomotion), smooth muscle (it can be found in blood vessels, stomach, esophagus or bronchi) and cardiac muscle (the heart muscle).

Then, what is lean muscle? Generally speaking, lean muscle is represented by a toned and defined skeletal muscle tissue: namely a muscle without or very little fat. In other words, one can say that lean muscle represents the amount of muscles in your body minus fat. However, it is worth mentioning that having lean muscles does not necessarily mean that you look like a movie star.

Even if your BMI (body mass index) indicates a low fat level, you still need to work out in order to shape up the body because, having lean muscles is not only about getting rid of the fat as much as about sculpting the body.

Muscles play an essential role when it comes to motion and force, yet most people think about the lean muscle mass in terms of physical aspect. Both man and women are concerned about their appearance, which is naturally, given the fact that we live in a society where we get judged mainly on the premises of our looks.

Building lean muscle is not an easy thing to do, nor will it have the intended results if you will not focus on the right means to achieve it. Usually, this implies healthy diets as well as certain exercises recommended by your trainer.

A fitness instructor will be able to explain you exactly what you need to do and what exercises program suits your interests the best.

Since now we have an overall idea about the answer to “what is lean muscle?”, it is time to look into the ways you can calculate the lean muscle mass. Obviously, the lean muscle mass represents the difference between the body weight minus body fat. Because it is rather hard to determine the body fat level by your own, here are several options available at this point:

•    Caliper testing – an equation based on skinfold measurement collected from a few areas around the body.
•    Hydrostatic weighing – body submission in a water tank after all of the air from the lungs was eliminated.
•    DEXA scanning – subjecting the body to x-rays in order to measure the fat tissue.

Of course, all of the above tests are to be performed by professionals.

Now that you know the answer to “what is lean muscle all about?”, This may help you take your muscle building one step further:

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