Glutamine – Is it Essential For Muscle Growth?


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Vitamins For Muscle Growth


Glutamine is an Amino Acid.

You can read more about what specifically an Amino Acid is and why it is Essential for Muscle growth in this article on Amino Acids.

Glutamine is known in the industry as a Anti-Catabolic, in other words, it stops or prevents your Muscles from Breaking Down. So it’s obviously hugely important.

It’s these properties, that helps us to keep ripped in other words, it’s hard to get ripped, but to actually stay ripped is a lot damn harder!

Glutamine is a Vitamin that assists with this. Vitamin literally means Vital Amino, which is exactly what Glutamine is, it’s an absolutely Vital Amino Acid needed for Muscle growth.

Glutamine is also an essential Vitamin for muscle growth especially if your on a low carb diet.

More about low carb diets coming up in another post shortly on

If your trying to build muscle fast, then Glutamine is perfect, because it speeds up the release of Growth Hormones.

Remember: Glutamine levels can and will decrease by up to 20% in periods of Intense Exercise or training.

So where can you find Glutamine?

Food sources of Glutamine include Beef, Eggs, Dairy Products, Spinach and Parsley.

However, it should be noted, that whilst Glutamine is essential for Muscle Growth, it does not necessarily improve your workout performance.

You will still need to work just as hard in the Gym with increased Glutamine intake as you would on normal Glutamine intake levels that you were probably taking in, prior to reading this post.

Most Vitamin and Muscle Growth Supplements contain Glutamine by Default.

Here are some you may want to consider:

Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder is a popular choice. Optimum Nutrition products are generally of a good standard, so as far as Vitamins for Muscle growth go, this is a pretty good choice.

Another is:

100% Pure Glutamine by Body Fortress. This one is cheaper than Optimum Nutrition. It can also be good for boosting your energy levels too. If your on a budget, I’d recommend this one, if your not on a budget or have more money to spend, I’d go with Optimum Nutrition.

The choice is yours.



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