Benefits of vitamin D for Muscle Growth


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Vitamin D for Muscle Growth

benefits of vitamin for building muscles

There are several studies suggesting that using vitamin D for muscle growth might prove to be very beneficial. How exactly can this vitamin help you? Well, first of all, it benefits you because it is linked with the absorption of phosphorus and calcium:

– Calcium is indispensible for people working out due to its role in muscular contraction.

So, if your level of Calcium is low, you will find it extremely difficult to perform hard muscle contractions, not to mention that this mineral is essential for keeping your bones healthy and, therefore, it is  necessary for body-builders, as they increase their muscle tissue;
Phosphorus is also involved when performing powerful, quick muscular contractions, as it is required for ATP synthesis – the high energy molecule your muscles cells use during contraction.

So using vitamin D for muscle growth makes sense, not only because of its direct effect on muscles, but because, without it, you cannot absorb these two minerals that are essential for the structure of the bones and the muscular contractions. In addition, there are several other benefits that must be taken into consideration:

  • Vitamin D regulates Neuro-muscular functioning, meaning that it is mandatory for a well-functioning muscular system, and plays a role in protein synthesis. Studies have shown that people with low Vitamin D levels experience fatigue, weakness and decreased strength, all of which would prevent you from doing your regular workout;
  • Vitamin D is essential for your immune system – how can you link this with the idea that it is essential to have vitamin D for muscle growth? Easy. If you are always healthy and in a good shape, you will tend to hit the gym more often; nobody enjoys working out when they are faced with a fever or any health disorder;
  • Low Vitamin D levels may lead to fat tissue infiltration in the muscles – most people don’t associate muscle cells with fatty ones, but studies have shown a strong inverse relationship between Vitamin D status and muscle fat percentage.

Now, studies have concluded that it is indeed essential to have appropriate levels of vitamin D for muscle growth; the next question is how and where can you get it?

The good news is that your body produces vitamin D every time it is exposed to the sun, so basically it would seem easy enough to go lie down on the beach and let your body “charge itself”.

In reality, it is very difficult to say how much sun exposure is required to get the entire necessary amount and, what with the ever-growing concern of radiation and skin cancer, not many doctors would advise you to use this method.

There are a lot of vitamin supplements available and foods that have increased levels of vitamin D. Some have it naturally, like eggs, sardines, salmon, while other are fortified with it, especially due to the many health benefits vitamin D provides.

So, now that you know you need vitamin D for muscle growth, make sure you get the right amount, by making small changes to your diet or taking a vitamin supplement that includes it.

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