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Top 10 High Calorie Foods To Help You Gain Weight and Muscle Mass

It seems tougher than you thought it would be, this training to gain muscle and boost your strength.

First, it is taking up a lot of your time just to get in as much workout as you can.

Second, you feel like you’re always buying food and supplements for your training.

And in spite of your best efforts, it seems like you’re not getting the kind of results you should be seeing.

There is a better way to approach muscle building. Along with your training, you need to also eat the right type of foods — specifically foods that have high calorie density.

High calorie density foods give you more calories and yet you still get to eat the same amount of food.

No need to stuff yourself silly just so you can pack on the calories that gain weight and pack on the muscles.

To help you achieve your goal, here are the top 10 high calories foods you should be storing in your pantry and fridge.

1. Mussels
We can’t start off this list without putting mussels at the top. That’s right, mussels are great for building muscles. Mussels have that perfect combination every body builder needs: high protein, low fat. Great for soups, pasta, or just steamed on its own juices, mussels also have selenium, B12, and the ability to help you repair muscles.

2. Nuts
Almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc., nuts are essential for anyone looking to build muscle mass and strength. An ounce of cashew or almond has 150 to 170 high quality calories.

3. Cottage Cheese
A cup of low-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein. Not only that, because this tasty cheese has high amounts of casein protein, it allows your body to get sustained protein release over a longer period.

4. Apples
They keep the doctor away — but they are also perfect as muscle building snack. You can eat them with cottage cheese, if you like.

5. Spinach
So Popeye was right. This super food has several vitamins, with calcium that helps to relax your muscle to stop cramping during training.

6. Olive Oil
It’s a good source of monounsaturated fats and omega 3, which are healthy for your heart. Also, the oleocanthal helps with inflammation, muscle pain, and recovery.

7. Buffalo
A high protein food list would not be one without one or two types of meat. If you have to chow on red meat, go with buffalo, which has 80 percent less fat, 50 percent less cholesterol, and more protein than beef.

8. Venison
Buffalo too gamey? Try venison, which is a great source of protein with less fat.

9. Yogurt
Hankering for dessert? Yogurt delivers protein that is good for muscle growth as well as probiotics for digestion.

10. Lentils
A cup of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein with 40 grams of slow digesting carbohydrates.

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