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The Venus Factor Diet For Women Review

All too often, women struggle to lose weight and in as much as they try all they can, the many weight loss programs available are not effectively designed for women.

This explains why a large number of women still find it hard to lose weight. the venus factor diet for women

It gets even harder as most of these programs only focus on shedding fat and not helping to get the desired shape.

This is one of the major distinction between the Venus factor diet program and other such programs.

This weight loss program has been developed to help women trying to lose weight with the Venus index being a major concept in the program.

The index is gotten after the height, waist, hip, and shoulder measurements have been put together based on the formula provided in the program.

The figure gotten from the formula which represents the Venus index helps to determine whether or not a woman will lose weight.

A higher than normal index means that the person needs to lose weight, and the reverse is true.

The Venus Factor has been effectively designed to help women of either categories.

This means that whether you want to lose weight or gain weight based on the Venus index, the Venus Factor puts you through how to achieve this.

The right foods to eat and exercises to do are explained in the program for whichever category one falls into.

Besides the guide that tells how to calculate your Venus index, this program also includes the following.

An eating guide that reveals foods that would help you realize your ideal weight and body shape.

The herbs, foods, and different nutritional contents that should be in your diet to help increase the leptin hormone in your body are adequately explained here.

Leptin by the way, is a hormone in the body that helps with body metabolism and the higher the leptin in the body, the higher the rate of metabolism in the body.

A workout manual and schedule covering a 12 week period of routine is also in the package.

The routine comes in 3 phases with each routine coming with easy to understand videos and photos.

the venus factor system

The exercises explained are for the regulation of body fat, toning the body and sculpting the body muscles to achieve the body shape you have always wanted.

The program also includes a community membership that allow you become a part of the women community trying to lose weight and give their body the shape it deserves.

For more information about The Venus Factor click here.

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