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Abdominal Vacuum – Is This The Strangest Muscle Solution?

The Abdominal Vacuum

When you take aim at your stomach, you want anything that will work.

People use diet, stomach exercise, and more to try to bring the waist under control.

And the waist is an important area – it defines how the entire appearance of the body.

There is a type of exercise you can do to really gain control of your middle in a variety of ways.

This is a powerful movement that can, and should be done most anywhere, throughout the day and virtually anytime.

Vacuum that Middle

The movement is the abdominal vacuum.

This exercise was highly recommended by Vince Gironda, the king of the trim and tight middle. So it is worth learning.

In his book “Unleashing the Wild Physique”, Vince describes how the abdominal vacuum is performed:

Bend over and place hands on a low bench or table. From this position, with the knees bent slightly, draw the abdominal muscles into the chest cavity, also hunching the back. Hold for two seconds, then let go and thoroughly relax the stomach.

It is basically bending over, sucking you waist up toward your spine, and holding it for a couple of seconds.

You also hunch over, which adds to the effect.

One thing that Vince didn’t mention is that you really exhale your breath, as much as possible, totally exhaling everything in there, and then holding the waist in with the breath out.

The abdominal vacuum may sound simple, but it is actually challenging and painful, particularly when you perform several reps. Vince recommended eight reps per set.

Frequent and Effective

And you can experiment a bit with holding the position for more than two seconds as well.

Two seconds should be considered the minimum point to hold the vacuumed stomach.

The abdominal vacuum is more than just a standard stomach exercise but you can double down on it by treating it as more than a standard “one and done” workout.

That is, instead of just performing the abdominal vacuum a time or two during the week as you perform ab work, remove the abdominal vacuum from the ab session altogether and perform it on its own.

Perform it in the morning, perform it at work, perform it in the afternoon, and perform it before going to bed. This exercise is one you cannot overuse so start becoming familiar with it by using it a lot.

In addition to building up your waist musculature the abdominal vacuum also teaches you how to hold your waist.

It helps you keep your waist tucked in at all times, which adds to the appearance of not only the midsection but also the entire body.

Start using the abdominal vacuum and watch what happens to your waist!

Use it frequently and radically transform your middle with this strange but effective belly control exercise.

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