The Importance of Keeping The Body Hydrated During Excercise & Workouts


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Every time you turn around you hear, “drink plenty of water” or “stay hydrated.”  What is the big deal anyway about water and keeping hydrated during a workout?  Everyone says it is important, but do you really understand why it is?

Your Body Makeup
Your body is made up of 70% water so for this reason alone it is going to be important to replenish any water that you lose during a workout.  Your body loses water through different means such as urinating, sweating, and even breathing. Water releases from you at an increased rate when the weather is hot and during exercise.

As you lose water, you should be drinking enough to replenish every ounce that you lose throughout each day.  

Body and Muscles Hydration Chart

Everyone’s body needs water to function.  It is a matter of survival because every cell tissue, every single organ in your body, needs water to function.  So if you are working out to stay healthy, remember that water is indispensable for good health.

Another great aspect of drinking water is it rids our bodies of waste.  Pushing out the bad and helping our bodies to be healthy.

Water Helps During a Workout
As stated before, sweat removes water from your system so in order to keep your body healthy, you must replenish it.  During a workout, you will sweat and the more you sweat the more you should drink.  It is a good habit to have to drink continually during your workouts.

Peak Performance & Muscle Building
Water helps your performance during a workout.  You will be more alert and ready to attach each workout when you are hydrated properly.  Your body will not overheat as easily with the proper water consumption.
Your muscles will perform better with accurate levels of water in your system.  Hydration for muscles helps to keep them loose and prevents cramping.

You will of course get a better performance if you do not have to stop for leg cramps.  A better workout and good hydration makes for excellent muscle building potential.

The lack of sufficient hydration in your body will cause you to feel fatigue in your muscles and will mess with your coordination.  This is another important factor why during your workout you should keep a bottle of water close.

hydration during workout

Staying Hydrated Reduces Risks
Proper hydration during a workout will reduce risks of dehydration, heat stroke, and inefficient workout with less than desirable gains.

If you begin feeling fatigued, cramps, or your pulse rate monitor is showing your pulse at a higher rate than normal you may be experiencing dehydration.  This is the opposite of what you are striving for.  Watch for these signs and if you notice any, take note and increase your water intake.

Your best workout results will come from a good hydrated body.  Make sure that good hydration during each of your workouts is a goal you strive for each and every time you hit the gym.

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