Testosterone for Muscle Growth – Is This The Easiest Way To Build Muscle?


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Using Testosterone For Muscle Growth


It’s not uncommon for many people interested in body-building to use testosterone for muscle growth.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, meaning that it acts both as the main male sex hormone, but also as an anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone is responsible for the good development of all sexual characteristics, but also for secondary traits, like increased muscle mass and bone growth.

Testosterone is mandatory for the well-function of the male body and a low level of the hormone can result in reduced libido, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, poor energy levels, irritability and even depression.

So, testosterone is needed by any male, even more so by guys regularly working out.

How does testosterone work?

It has been proven that using testosterone for muscle growth can be efficient because it acts like an anabolic steroid, meaning that it facilitates protein synthesis.

By doing that, testosterone basically increases the rate and the extent to which your muscles adapt to the extensive training session. Protein synthesis is a necessary step for building new muscle fiber, but also for increasing in size. Besides the increase in body mass, testosterone is responsible for an increase in strength and endurance, and shortens the recovery time between workouts.

The use of testosterone for muscle growth in the case of professional athletes is prohibited and is considered doping. It is believed that it offers a competitor an unfair advantage due to its proven ability of increasing a person’s ‘physical abilities, but is usually allowed for amateurs or body builders.

There are many supplements available that contain steroids, and some of them include testosterone.

How can you take testosterone?

There are many forms in which you could take supplements of testosterone for muscle growth:

– Oral supplements – these are the easiest to take, but require precaution, as it is believed they might affect your liver;
– Intramuscular injections
– Gels and patches to be applied directly on the skin – they have slow absorption;

Is it safe to use testosterone?


Using Testosterone for muscle growth can cause baldness

Like I said, testosterone is a hormone produced by your body that is involved in a series of important functions; so it is not harmful, although taking it in excess, for long periods of time, might have some disadvantages and you might even develop an addiction to it in order to keep up with your serious training sessions.

Studies have shown that using testosterone for muscle growth can lead to a series of side effects, just like using any other steroids.

Besides high cholesterol and high blood pressure, regular users of testosterone can experience cardiovascular diseases, acne or baldness. But these side effects can be avoided, if you keep your treatment short-term and you respect the dosage prescribed by your medical advisor.

Using testosterone for muscle growth is a fairly common practice for body-builders interested in getting results fast, but just like for any other dietary supplement, you should consider everything before using them and follow professional advice.

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