Surplus Calorie Intake for Building Muscle


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How Many Calories Do I need To Build muscle?


Calorie intake for building muscle is one of those great topics for debate in the fitness community.

However, the rule of thumb most can agree on is that you need to intake enough calories to keep your body running at optimal conditions throughout your daily activities as well as during your sleep.

For most people who are serious about building muscle, their meal plan does not just take into account their waking hours, it also includes those important hours where the body builds muscle during sleep.

Therefore, calorie intake for building muscle is a very multi-faceted topic that must take into consideration both the active and inactive parts of a person’s daily routine.

In order to make the most of your workouts and the time in between them, you will need just the right amount of calories.

Working with a dietician can help you hone in on the right number of calories for you. There are also plenty of tools online to help you calculate the right number of calories you will need to build muscle based on certain metrics and variables.

I recommend that you use this tool from MuscleTech to Calculate your normal Calorie intake then add 250-500 Calories per day on top of that as per below.

These tools will not be as personalized as an assessment from a professional, but they will give you a good idea of what you need to be consuming each day in terms of calories when you are looking to build muscle mass.

The human body needs a specific amount of calories each day to keep your body at a consistent weight. This is called the calorie maintenance level.

In order to build muscle, you will need to know what your calorie maintenance level is to use as the starting point for calculating the number of calories you will need to build muscle.

People who are looking to lose weight will generally want to cut down on their daily caloric intake so it is below their calorie maintenance level.

However, if you are looking to build muscle, you will want to increase the amount of calories you’re taking into your body so they are in surplus of your calorie maintenance level. In order to build muscle mass, you are going to need more calories than your calorie maintenance level.

Here is where it gets tricky however, because you do not want to gain weight in the form of fat.

Therefore, you need to make sure your body is making use of the calories in the form of building muscle and not fat.

So in order to ensure you are building muscle, you need to be engaged in a routine workout program designed to build muscle. This routine weight training will signal to your body to put the extra calories into building muscle instead of fat.

Unfortunately, everyone’s body will respond differently to a surplus of calories.

Therefore, you will need to do a bit of trial and error to see how much of a caloric surplus you will need to optimize your body’s muscle building capabilities without having excess calories convert to fat.

At the end of the day, you will want to develop a rigorous weight-training program in conjunction with consuming a caloric surplus of around 250 to 500 calories.

Track your progress and make changes when you notice relationships between your workouts and the amount of calories you are taking in. You will gradually hone in on the optimal number of calories you will need to consume in order to build muscle.

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