Steroids for muscle growth – Right or Wrong Way to Build Muscle?


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Steroids for muscle growth – Right or Wrong Way to Build Muscle?


Every time we hear about steroids for muscle growth, most people think about something illegal or at least highly controversial.

The truth is that when it comes to over the counter dietary supplements or muscle building steroids, we are always referring to legal substances that can be acquired and used for rapid results.

Make no mistake; no amount of supplements will replace the necessity of going to the gym regularly and pure blood and sweat in order to build your body.

Steroids for muscle growth, requires the same amount of determination, hard work and heavy lifting, but the results will become visible in a shorter amount of time.


How Exactly Do Steroids Work?

Steroids are used by a variety of athletes performing different sports, due to their ability to enhance physical performance and reduce fatigue and recovery time. Athletes, runners and swimmers use steroids to increase speed and endurance, while bodybuilders turn to them for their ability to increase muscle mass.

Just like most substances included in muscle building supplements, steroids have two mechanisms of action:

– They interfere in the protein synthesis, which facilitates building muscle;
– They prevent muscle catabolism, by inhibiting the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for muscle breakdown and by reducing the recovery time;

According to studies performed by the ACSM, the effects of steroids in increasing body weight are mostly in relation with lean muscles.

A study has shown that a 10 week treatment can lead to an increase of 2 to 5 kilograms in body weight, mainly due to increase of lean mass, for which both new muscle fibers have been formed, while the existing ones experienced additional growth.

Certain muscles, especially those of the upper body, like those of the neck, shoulders and upper arms are more prone to be influenced.

It cannot be denied that steroids for muscle growth can be more rapid, but it is still dependent on extensive training and an appropriate diet.

Side Effects of Steroids – Consider the Risks, Not Just the Benefits

You should not ignore the fact that steroids can also cause side effects. Most common ones include high level of cholesterol, hypertension or liver damage, but they usually occur after long term use of such supplements.

If you are considering enhancing your muscle growth with steroids, you should always check with your medical advisor and follow its recommendations. Make sure to use only the prescribed doses, for short periods of time, to make sure you avoid unwanted side effects.

If you are not a professional athlete and you don’t have to worry about the ethical aspects of taking steroids and doping charges, but a regular person interested in building muscles, then give them a try.

If you need to see results in record time, than  steroids for muscle growth might be the right way for you, as long as you understand how these supplements work and you use them wisely and only on a short term basis.

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