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Specforce Abs – Special Forces Abs Training System by Former OP Todd Lamb

If you’re anything like me, I find anything to to do with the forces fascinating.

Especially elite forces stuff.

I find the rigorous training the guys have to go through inspiring and I’m always amazed at how well conditioned they are.

It can’t have been easy to get selected just for the training and then they have to get through that and “make it”.

Well, Todd Lamb (below) is one of those guys who “made it”.

todd lamb specforce abs system









He was a real life actual special Forces OP.

And he’s released a brand new Abs Training System called specforce abs.

Specforce abs is abs training at it’s best. It’s truly elite, top level stuff.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how the special forces guys workout, here’s your chance.

Check out Todd Lamb’s Specforce Abs here:

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