Pushups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Crunches, Lunges and Squats


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There are many forms of workouts that will help keep you in shape. The choice is so diverse that each and every one of us can find something he or she enjoys. Nevertheless, there are some types of exercises that are considered classics and they are and will probably always be among the favorites of fitness instructors worldwide. Why? Because they work for everyone who is willing to give them a try.

  • Pushups – a worldwide favorite of men trying to build up the muscles in their chest and arms and tone their abdominal ones; they are basic exercises, used by basically everybody, because they build upper body strength. It is also a commonly used form of exercise for athletes, usually in the beginning of their training sessions. It can be performed anywhere, doesn’t require any special equipment, but you should make sure your technique is good; otherwise, all your effort might be useless.


  • Pull-ups – another worldwide favorite of men, it concentrates on the same muscles as pushups, mainly the chest, arms, abdominal region; Pull-ups are frequently used to test upper body strength, even in the military and especially by the United States Marines. The exercise doesn’t require much equipment, but you will need a high bar to hang on to or something similar;


  • Dips – they will help you build strong arms and train some of your pectoral and back muscles; they will increase your upper body strength and help you build an extraordinary physique.


  • Crunches  – they are the most famous abdominal exercises in the world, being performed by both men and women in order to flatten their belly and tone their core abdominal muscles; there are many variations for this type of workout, all of which will help you look better; they will also benefit your back, thanks to the additional support offered by the core muscles; although not many calories are burnt doing crunches, they are considered  beneficial for losing weight, especially if you combine and alternate them with cardio workouts;


  • Lunges – they are simple, but highly efficient types of exercises that will enable you to work several types of muscle groups, like the abs, buttocks, hips and thighs all at once. They improve your flexibility, your balance and strength and endurance. They do not require any special equipment, but you should make sure you execute them properly in order to avoid possible injury.


  • Squats – they can be performed by both men and women and should be part of any training session; they offer multiple benefits, although they are usually regarded as leg exercises. They can in fact help build up muscles in your entire body, by helping your back and abdominal area as well; they improve mobility and balance, while helping you burn fat quickly. They have no special requirements in terms of equipment; you just need the will to perform them.

So basically, man or woman, there are a lot of exercises you can perform to improve your overall health and physique, all you need to do is find the motivation. Although you could perform most of these workouts at home, it is recommended for you to join a gym and learn how to do them properly in order to avoid injuries.

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