Powerful Supplements Side Effects


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Powerful Workout Supplements Side Effects


Taking supplements can be very beneficial to your health and well being. Supplements provide the body with the extra nutrients and energy that it doesn’t have naturally.

Supplements can also be helpful to athletes; taking supplements before or after a workout can increase the effectiveness of the workout. Supplements can also give you the boost in your metabolism that you need. They are also a good contribution to your diet to provide nutrients that your diet is missing.

Since most Weight Training supplements don’t need to be prescribed, they are sold widely in pharmacies, groceries stores, health food stores, and many other places of retail. Because of this, not all supplements are of the same quality. Cheaper supplements tend to be of a lower quality than more expensive supplements.

And since supplements vary so much, the effect they have on each individual will vary as well.

Like any other orally taken medicinal product, supplements have some side effects.

Supplements for the most part are safe for general consumption. However, many supplements are not regulated or acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration Board. Therefore, it is really uncertain whether all supplements really are completely safe.

Some supplements have been found to contain ingredients that are not listed in the ingredients label, and these supplements have caused severe side affects, and in very rare occasions have even been fatal. Some supplements use the label of “natural,” despite not having natural ingredients.

For the most part, Powerful supplements do provide benefits for the body, but everyone will react differently to supplements.

The side effects of supplements are experienced commonly when the more than the recommended dosage of the supplement is taken. Since these supplements are not regulated by the government, it is up to the manufacturer to include the correct safe dosage on the label.

If supplements are taken in excess, there will be negative effects on the body. For example, over dosage of vitamin A can cause: headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and even damage to the liver.

High dosages of vitamin D and iron can result in damage to the kidneys.

Taking supplements in combination with other supplements or medications can have significant side effects as well.

Many supplements are marketed as having no side affects, but when taken in combination with others can have serious side effects. It is common in the body building community to “stack” supplements or take multiple supplements at once.

That is why combination supplements are sold. The formulas in these supplements are not tested by the government unless formal complaints are filed, so it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to produce safe formulas.

However, since the workout and pre-workout supplement market is so competitive, many formulas are sold untested, and these can be quite dangerous to take. Some commercial supplements have actually been proven to be dangerous.

Liver damage is also a powerful side effect from supplements.

Dietary supplements pass through the liver for process, and can actually damage the organ. There have been cases of liver damage to the extent of needing a transplant that have been caused by supplements.

When considering which supplement to take, make sure to only take powerful supplements that have been proven as safe.

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