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muscle-growth-with-glutamineIf you have read at least one article about supplements for muscle growth, glutamine is certainly a term you have come across. There are many studies that suggest that this amino-acid can help you achieve the desired results in terms of body-building, which explains why it has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years.

It is true that, when it comes to muscle growth, glutamine is only one in a very long list of dietary supplements considered useful, like:


  • Proteins – most commonly used are whey protein and casein;
  • Amino-acids – glutamine, leucine, isoleucine or valine;
  • Essential fatty acids – like fish oil or flaxseed oil;
  • Creatine – needed to supply energy for muscle cells;
  • Pro-hormones or testosterone boosters;;

So why should you choose a supplement containing glutamine before everything else? Because studies have shown that, when it comes to muscle growth, glutamine interferes in a large number of processes, all meant to ensure you the body you desire:

  • Prevents muscle catabolism, meaning that it protects your muscles from  tearing down
  • Enhances muscle anabolism, ensuring you the muscle growth you are working for

Glutamine, just like any amino-acid, interferes in protein synthesis, which is essential for athletes and body-builders.

The human body is more than able to produce enough glutamine in normal circumstances, but, during a powerful training session, it might require more, and ,if not provided, it will try to produce more of it by using the amino acids in your muscle cells.

Basically, your body requires glutamine, more than your extra muscles, which means it will try to obtain it, even if it is causing your muscles to reduce.

Nobody wants to have his training sessions ending up being WASTED  with LESS muscle, meaning that this is the best time to take a supplement and avoid glutamine depletion and its effects.

Glutamine is also essential for protein synthesis, meaning that you need it for further muscle growth. Not to mention that it ensures a rapid recovery and gives you more energy for future training sessions.


So, in order to avoid working out with minimum results, ask your trainer about dietary supplements and choose one containing glutamine, in order to prevent depletion and protect your muscles.

Most athletes take it after the workout, when their glutamine levels are at their lowest. It has no flavor and can be pretty tasteless, so you might want to mix it in your protein shakes. Start with smaller doses of 5gram, once or two times per day, usually just as you wake up and one after your training session, or before going to bed in rest days/ Make sure you take it regularly and at the same hours, in order to get the most of it.

Besides muscle growth, glutamine can offer you additional benefits, like:

  • Increasing your immune system, minimizing the risk of infections;
  • It elevates your general health and disposition;
  • It reduces healing time after injuries and operations;
  • It is extremely efficient for people who suffered severe burns

There are many supplements available on the market, and if what you are interested in is muscle growth, glutamine is certainly one of your best allies when it comes to muscle growth!

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Did you know 60% of your muscle tissue is made up of Glutamine?

The problem is strenuous exercise depletes Glutamine levels in the muscle at a faster rate than the body can be replenish it. 70% of the regular Glutamine powder you consume is utilized by the stomach and the intestines, leaving only 30% available to feed muscle tissue.

90% of ingested Glutamine is utilized in 1 hour, leaving you in a catabolic (muscle wasting state). Glutamine-SR’s Micro-Feed Technology allows for an unprecedented 100% of L-Glutamine utilization, maximizes anabolic/anti-catabolic effects and optimizes muscle growth and recovery.

The exclusive and patented Micro-Feed Technology used in Glutamine-SR utilizes patented technology to protect the L-Glutamine as it is transported through the stomach, allowing 100% to be delivered to muscle tissue.

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