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Lean Muscle Workouts


The purpose of the lean muscle workouts is to help your body burn more fat and gain muscles in a faster pace. Whether you want to have a toned body, increase strength or build muscle, achieving this goal implies a good deal of hard work combined with perseverance and strong will.

Fitness trainers have developed various lean muscle workouts meant to help you lose that undesired fat and gain muscles. What do they have in common?

The rule is simple: the more muscles you work at the same time, the more calories are burnt, which leads to less fat and lean muscles.

Popular training programs consist of cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises and they can range from bench presses to barbell bicep curls and are grouped for different body areas. For best results, it is recommended that each exercise be performed in 2 or 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

In order to have a better idea about this type of exercises, we should take a closer look at the main workout types:

Bench presses – you basically lie down on a bench while holding weights over the chest with the elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.

Bench Press Workout

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Push-ups – first of all, in order for the exercise to work properly, you must make sure that your hands are placed shoulder-width apart; you need to bend your arms and lower down as far as possible, and then straighten your arms and push up so that the body will come back to the initial position.

Push Ups Workout

Flies – These are basically all types of workout exercises that imply a motion similar to a bird’s wings. They are usually done using weights, but they are not very intense, so they are perfect for fatigued muscles.

Chest Flies Lean Muscle Workout

Lean muscle workouts can be divided in three categories, depending on the difficulty level: for beginners, intermediate or advanced people. The workouts for beginners have the advantage of introducing the body to the weight gaining program and preparing it for heavier exercises.

For instance, exercises like leg extension, chest press, shoulder press or triceps pushdowns, performed at least twice a week, represent a great way to set the foundation for a correct workout routine, while gaining the necessary muscle mass in order to be able to perform intermediate level exercises.

Intermediate workouts, as the name suggests, mark the transition from beginner to advanced body weight building. These types of exercises focus on the back, shoulders and triceps and revolve around the 2 day split workout program, meaning there must be a pause of at least 48 hours between the exercises in order to give your body enough time to recover.

Advanced lean muscle workouts seek to increase the overall strength. Each muscle is involved in the process, with the help of core pushing and weight pulling exercises.

There is a price to pay if you want to have a good looking body. Nobody says that doing lean muscle workouts, is easy but everybody agrees that the results are worth the trouble.

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