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Jack3ed 3D Pre Workout Supplement Dangerous Side Effects

jacked3dsideeffectsEver since the first information about Jack3d 3D supplement appeared, a lot of controversies were born around it.

While thousands of people testify to its beneficial effects for muscle building, a handful of people warn about terrible dangerous side effects.

Health threats should always be taken seriously and, since many people dream of building lean muscle and would like to take advantage of what Jack3d is said to offer, it is important to see if these dangerous side effects are real or just an invention of the competition, trying to ruin the reputation of a product better than theirs.

First of all, let’s clarify one thing: the original Jack3d 3D formula was “improved” TWICE.

It would be no use to go back on the first editions, since their efficiency is already proven by thousands of positive reviews and millions of sales. Had there actually been any deaths registered, the company would be out of business by now.

As for the newest Jack3d 3D supplement, it aims, just as its predecessors, to strengthen the body, provide more energy throughout the day and improve resistance to stress and other daily activities that require a surplus of energy.

When taken before workout sessions, it enables the user to exercise for longer and at higher intensities, without feeling exhausted afterwards.

Producer Information

Like the previous Jack3ed 3D versions, it was developed by the USP Laboratories, a company started in 2006 in Texas and currently holding an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a BB accreditation, having registered only 3 complaints throughout the past 3 years, all solved in the favor of the company.

Jack3d Supplement Ingredients

  • Arginine Nitrate – known to optimize blood circulation and favor the release of nitric oxide.
  • Monohydrate, Anhydrous Advanced Creatine – constituted by amino acids, offers an additional phosphate molecule, optimizing ATP production and, implicitly, fueling muscle contractions and enhancing physical performance and endurance during workouts.
  • Yohimbe Extract – known to stimulate blood flow and, thus, treat sexual impotence.
  • Caffeine – Common supplement ingredient, it provides extra energy and strength for resistance exercise.
  • Extract from the Bark of Pinus Pinaster – efficient in relieving muscle cramps.
  • Carnosyn, or Beta Alanine (Carnosyn) – contributor the synthesis of carnosine, responsible for combating muscle fatigue.

Side Effects

Just like all the other products in its category, the newest Jack3ed supplement has numerous contraindications.
Briefly put, it should only be taken by healthy adults, and following the dosage and administration instructions to the letter.

When taken by people with health problems or in high dosages, it may: lower blood pressure, induce bloating or diarrhea, cause nausea, oversolicit kidneys and even drive them to failure, produce abdominal pain, restlessness and even a heart attack.

However, these are not really side effects of the supplement, but rather consequences of not following the producer’s instructions and there is no evidence to support that Jack3d users have experienced them.

In order to avoid them, the user is advised to ask for the advice of a physician and to read the prospect carefully, several times if necessary.

Precaution is always advisable, no matter if we are talking about the Jack3d 3D supplement or other similar products.

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