Is It Bad To Workout Before Bed?


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Working Out Before Bed – Is It Good or Bad?

With most people living such busy lives – leaving early for work and turning in really late – there’s not a lot of time that can be devoted to exercise, hence, they make it happen when they can.

Some can only find time to workout before bed but aren’t sure if doing so actually reaps benefits or is actually bad for the health.

So, the real concern here is, is it bad to workout before bed?

Fitness specialists and enthusiasts have weighed in and majority claim that exercising or pumping iron before hitting the sack is not recommended due to the following reasons:

  • Exercise really gets the blood pumping throughout the body and adrenaline is also high after the session which can directly affect a person’s ability to sleep.
    Most people may feel quite tired but actual sleepiness may not come easily due to the remaining high level of adrenaline coursing through the body.
  • There have been many cases of people working out really late and not being able to sleep until the morning.

After a workout, it’s highly recommended to get a solid meal or at least even just a protein shake to replenish to body of “depleted” nutrients.

It’s certainly not good for anybody to head straight to bed after eating a full meal; one would have to wait at least two hours after the meal (for food to digest) before getting sleep which then would mean an even later bedtime.

This can completely compromise the body clock and really mess up a person’s schedule for the following day.

When it comes to fat loss, studies reveal that evening workouts are always outperformed by daytime or better, morning workouts.

Some studies have revealed that older folks with weight problems and higher risk for cardiovascular diseases are highly prone to suffering a heart attack or stroke during sleep after working out before bed.

The mobilization of fats and proteins ended up clogging the arteries during sleep because of the slowdown of the body.

Despite these reasons though, it’s hard to discount the stories of many who claim that working out before bed had no negative effects on them whatsoever.

In a study conducted at the University of South Carolina, a group of young fit men were made to ride a stationary bike for three hours straight and went to bed half an hour later.

None of them showed difficulty sleeping or any adverse side effects from working out rigorously and heading straight to bed.

This only goes to show that whether working out before bed is good or bad really depends on the person; what’s truly important is people get the exercise they need for that’s always better than getting no workout at all.

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