How Can You Increase Your Metabolism?


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How Can You Increase Your Metabolism?

For those of you with weight problems and low energy, knowing a few simple and effective ways to increase your metabolism and applying them will bring you visible results consisting of continuous and permanent fat loss, a better muscle tone, elevated levels of mental wellness and a series of other health benefits.

Keeping this goal in mind, here is a short list of tips on how to improve you metabolism on long term:

1.    Eat quality food
Lean meat, enough fresh vegetables, plenty of fruit and just a little amount of nuts, seeds and natural oils have to represent over 90 percent of your daily food intake. You can cheat occasionally, so you do not have to feel like following a highly restrictive diet.

Read the food labels carefully. If a meal has many components, especially artificial ones, then it will have a harmful effect on your health. Do not eat products that have more than four to six ingredients (sometimes less is more).

Products with tons of preservatives, lots of natural sugar or cheap sugar substitutes such as high-fructose corn syrup, will cause weight gain since they are substances that shock the liver and are stored as body fat.

2.    Eat several times a day

Contrary to popular belief, eating more often through the day can and will actually increase your Metabolism!

Eating smaller and balanced meals during the day is one of the most efficient ways to increase your metabolism since it keeps the blood sugar levels from severe fluctuations. Because of this, your cravings for food that tends to add up to your weight are significantly reduced.

If you go for a number of hours without eating (usually over four or five hours), your organism’s neurological system will act as it did in the prehistoric era, by slowing down the metabolism and preparing it for a period of prolonged starvation.

3.    Exercise

The doctors have recommended for years workouts as the best ways to increase your metabolism. Even if you do not have enough money for a luxurious gym subscription or for hiring a personal trainer, exercising regularly should not be a problem. A regular gym will do just fine and, in addition, you do not have need to exercise for many hours in order to boost your metabolism.

Several studies have shown that the regular short periods of resistance training are some of the most effective ways to increase your metabolism, even more effective than the prolonged workouts. A gradual intensity exercise plan, even for the young, is the best method to get back in shape and improve your overall health. Perform fewer sets with more repetitions in order to pump more blood into your muscles.

In addition, here are four extra tips to keep you in shape and maintain an above average physical condition:

  • Drink several cups of green tea during the day;
  • Have at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night in order to regulate your hormone levels;

If the methods above are not working due to a medical condition, talk to a health professional to find other specialized ways to increase your metabolism!

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