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Without Protein, your muscles cannot grow. That’s a FACT.

With so many methods and Protein Sources available, I’m going to leave that for other post’s.

The subject matter for this article is purely focused on why Protein is essential and WHY it works for Muscle Mass.

Just simply going to the Gym and banging Dumbells is NEVER going to be enough on it’s own, without the right diet and without the right components in that diet, your efforts are going to be a waste of time. That would is what this article is all about:

Protein For Muscle Growth.

It’s a proven fact, that those who are actively working out regularly in the Gym, meaning at least 3 times per Week, need to pack in more Protein than those who don’t attend the Gym at all.

Think about it?..

The whole point of Going to the Gym is to actually TEAR Muscle. Sounds Flat out Nut-bar right?..But it’s true; and this is where Protein comes into play.

Your Muscle Tissues need Protein to repair themselves, that’s why you see those guys with great Muscle Definition. The only reason they have great Muscles and Definition is because they tear a hell of a lot of muscle and intake a hell of a lot of Protein to repair those torn Muscles…the result?..they rip up FAST.

You need to be intaking 1 GRAM of PROTEIN for every lb of body weight.

So if you weigh 185lbs in weight, you want to be taking 185 Grams of Protein Per day.

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