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Far too many people make the mistake of hitting the gym without eating anything before, believing that this is the best way to burn fat, when, in fact, consuming the proper good pre-workout food can give you an energy boost and help you do more exercises, more efficiently.

Studies have shown that eating carbs before performing physical activity will delay the feeling of Muscle fatigue and will improve your endurance, thanks to their ability to increase the level of glucose in your blood and make it available for your muscles.

So, in order to get the most out of your workout, you should always eat before, but eat the appropriate food. About 70% of the meal should be represented by low glycemic carbs, and about 30% by low fat proteins.

There are some items that fitness and Nutrition specialists agree upon as being the best options in terms of good pre-workout food for you to consume one or two hours before the training session:

  • a two egg omelet with vegetables
omelette is good pre workout food

A Simple 2 Egg Omellette with Vegetables is an ideal pre-workout food.

  • fruit and cottage cheese


pre workout food

Good Pre Workout Food to Eat is Fruit and Cottage Cheese

  • a turkey leaf wrap,
good pre workout foods to eat before your workout

Turkey Leaf Wrap is simple to make with a good balance of protein and carbs

  • grilled chicken breast with broccoli or sweet potatoes and so on.
pre workout foods for men

Grilled Chicken Breast with Simple Broccoli

Basically, any combination between low fat proteins (example foods include chicken, beef, fish, egg whites, and so on) and carbs (oatmeal, brown rice) would do, giving you the necessary energy.

It is advised you eat foods that can be digested easily, so that you do not upset your stomach. There isn’t a standard rule as to what your body can digest and how quickly, so you should try experimenting with different foods and different timings before the workout, just to see which one works better for you.

If practice shows you that you should wait at least two hours or if for some reason more time has passed since your last meal and you want to work out, don’t worry, there are also some snacks that you could use as good pre-workout food, somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes before you start exercising.

These include:

  • a small glass of 100-percent juice or a fruit smoothie
  • a banana
  • a piece of whole grain toast
  • an avocado or even a protein shake – each of this little snacks will make sure you get the energy you need.

Make sure you don’t ignore the post workout food either, as it is essential to restore energy and rebuild muscle.

Basically, the rules are the same as for the pre-workout food, so a protein bar, a medium banana and a cup of skimmed milk, cottage cheese with whole grain cereals, scrambled eggs with bell peppers and spinach – everything that covers the protein and carbs – would be great.

Working out while also taking into account these easy to follow rules regarding nutrition will help improve your results.

Remember that what you eat before your training session is essential for ensuring the fuel for your effort and maximizing your performance, while the food that you eat after will help you recover quickly and therefore will allow you to hit the gym the next day also.

Even if you are on a low calorie diet, you shouldn’t ignore this advice. Avoiding the pre-workout food and the snack after brings you no benefit – it only makes your efforts harder.



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