Gaining Weight for Hardgainers


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 How To Gain Weight Fast and Build Muscle!


There is nothing more challenging than finding a method that works in terms of gaining weight for hardgainers. Although most people envy them because they will never have to count their calories or go on a diet, most hardgainers would do anything to put some muscles on. The right way to do that is to combine extensive training with the right diet and the appropriate supplements for muscle growth.

Weight Gain Training sessions

Gaining weight for hardgainers can best be achieved by increasing muscle mass. In order to achieve that, you should concentrate on multi-joint exercises that allow you to train several muscle groups simultaneously. Go for squats, bench-pressing and, above all, heavy lifting. Increase the weight you lift on a regular basis, never allow your body to get comfortable with the current ones.










Don’t despair if you don’t see results in less than six weeks, it is important to continue training and constantly push your body until you will reach the desired outcome. You need at least three sessions of intense weight lifting weekly. Avoid all other forms of exercise like cardio or other forms of training that burn calories.

Enlist the help of a professional trainer or an experienced friend for further advice regarding your workout and proper form for your exercises.

The diet To Gain Weight..

The diet is probably the most important part in the process of gaining weight for hardgainers. Eat every three hours, namely 5 to 8 meals per day. Try to consume 50% carbs, 25% proteins and 25% good fats per day. It is recommended to consume proteins at every meal and to go for complex carbs instead of simple ones.


Try to eat 24 calories per pound of total body weight, instead of the recommended 12 calories for a normal person. Always eat as soon as you have been working out. During a training session, you use many nutrients and you must replenish your reserves in order to ensure a speedy recovery.

If you plan to start a program of gaining weight for hardgainers, concentrate on your desired goal, establish the body weight you want to reach and don’t stop until you reach it. Calculate your needed intake of calories and make sure you respect it daily.

Go for highly caloric foods – it is very difficult to gain only muscle, with no fat, so concentrate on putting body weight first and lose the fat later if needed.

Use Weight Gain supplements

Discuss with your medical advisor in order to recommend you a series of supplements that might be beneficial for gaining weight for hardgainers. This might include steroids or other substances needed for rapid muscle growth. They will help you reduce recovery time between training sessions, allowing you to work out regularly and efficiently.

You might also be advised to take a supplement for increasing your appetite and facilitating the high intake of calories required daily. Never take supplements without previous medical advice, as some of them have long term side effects that you might ignore – therefore it is mandatory to have your health checked up on a regular basis.

Remember that, although it is a difficult and challenging task, gaining weight for hardgainers is not necessary an impossible dream, just one that requires a lot of work.


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