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Foods That Contain Vitamin D and Where you can Find Them.


Incorporating foods that contain vitamin D in your diet represents an essential factor in obtaining a healthy and resistant physique that can fight successfully against the potential dangers in the environment and prevent a series of health complications.

Vitamin D is one of the few fat-soluble vitamins that have a vital role in the biological processes of the human organism. It has many vital functions, and a deficiency of vitamin D will lead to severe health problems. For example, bone growth is seriously affected from a lack of vitamin D, as it facilitates calcium absorption in the skeletal system, which leads to stronger bones.

Without the optimum levels, the bones become brittle and soft, causing, in many cases, osteoporosis. A normal healthy adult, of average height and weight, should have a daily intake of approximately 200 IU’s of vitamin D.

One of the easiest and best ways to make sure that you ingest the recommended dose is to consume foods that contain vitamin D every day, by simply selecting from the list below at least one of them for each meal:

  • Milk – It is a great source of vitamin D, almost all dairy products being known to contain significant amounts from this vitamin. Milk fortification began years ago when rickets were an important health problem. Just a single cup of milk can offer you up to a quarter of the required vitamin D intake.
  • Cereal – Besides milk, cold cereals also provide an important quantity of vitamin D.  Check Packaging.
  • Orange Juice – Along with your cereal and milk, orange juice is one of the tastiest drinks or foods that contain vitamin D. With two cups of orange juice, you will consume 50 IU of this vitamin.
  • EggsOnly one egg brings to your table approximately 20 IU of the vitamin D. Nevertheless, the vitamin is found mainly in the egg yolk, meaning that you have to eat the entire egg, not only its white.
  • Salmon – Fish, especially the species with very high fat content, are some of the most important foods that contain vitamin D. One meal based on salmon will offer you the daily-recommended intake of vitamin D. Besides salmon, other species such as catfish, tuna or mackerel are excellent choices. Not only the flesh of these animals is rich in vitamin D, but also their liver, while fish oils are some of the most valuable sources of nutritional elements.
  • Cod Liver Oil – For those who can endure the powerful aroma, this type of oil is not only extremely rich in vitamin D, but also in omega-3 fatty acids, so having cold liver oil in your diet will ensure your healthy and strong bones.

Thanks to its high content in nutrients, this oil has been proven to combat osteoporosis in adults and to stimulate the functioning of the brain and of the nervous system, becoming a top choice on the list of foods that contain vitamin D.

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