Dangers of Banned Substances in Supplements


in Muscle Nutrition

Many people take supplements to get nutrients and vitamins that they cannot get otherwise in their diet. Supplements are especially popular among athletes, body builders, and those who are constantly physically active.


People who aren’t physically active may take supplements for health reasons or because they are recommended by their doctor or dietician. Supplements are fairly easy to find.

They are sold in any grocery store, drug store, health food store and even at convenience stores. Supplements can even be found at ninety nine cents stores. They are quite common and can be purchased by anyone. However, their wide availability is also a negative.

Lesser expensive supplements are sometimes not as effective as more expensive brands.

Some supplements contain ingredients that are not included on the ingredients label of the supplement container. This includes banned substances. Banned substances are banned for a reason, and this is because they are not safe for human consumption, or because they have caused illness in people in the past.

With banned substances being placed into supplements without the consumer’s knowledge, this can be quite the problem.

There have been severe side affects linked with some popular supplements—as serious as heart attack and stroke. Some supplements are marketed as all natural supplements to draw in the consumer.

But unfortunately, these supplements contain ingredients that are not listed on the label. There is a possibility of these ingredients being dangerous and the cause of various health problems.

The supplements are used to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle pain, and other conditions. Once the banned substances are discovered in these supplements, the FDA issues a warning to make the general public aware of what is in the supplements, and the dangers that these supplements pose to their health.

In some supplements, the same ingredients that are found in prescription drugs have actually been found in some supplements. People who are taking these supplements that have been warned against by the FDA should consult their doctors immediately so that they may stop use of the supplement safely.

Any customers who have experienced side affects when taking a supplement should also report these side affects immediately.

Weight loss supplements are a strong culprit in this issue. There are hundreds of thousands weight loss supplements on the market. Many of these weight loss supplements are not safe for use at all, and cause a host of different ailments. These weight loss supplements are sold under the guise of all natural supplements that help patients to lose weight in a short period of time.

Unbeknown to the consumer, some weight loss supplements actually contain hazardous materials.

Things like kidney failure, depression, heart problems and addiction has been caused by some of these supplements. It is illegal in the United States to market drugs in the disguise of supplements.

However, it is something that is being done on a regular basis. To be completely safe, consult a doctor before beginning to take any supplement.

Also, research the supplement to see if it there have been any warnings issued by the FDA for the supplement.

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