Do You Need a Daily Exercise Schedule?


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We recently carried out a poll and it turns out that most guys try to attend the Gym on a daily basis.

The problem was not the act of actually going to the gym, it was more of a case that most of the people asked did not have a Daily Exercise schedule to follow.

At the end of this post, I’ll point you to a resource where you can get a Daily Exercise Schedule that you can follow effectively.

That’s important too. Sometimes it’s not just about having a Daily Exercise Schedule in your back pocket, what is more important is that it’s a Daily Exercise Schedule that you can follow and one that works.

Because there is darn point in dragging yourself off to the Gym Every single day to put yourself through a sometimes grueling workout, only for all your effort to go to waste because your Exercise Schedule is useless!

And that right there is the biggest problem.

Guys that attend the Gym on a daily basis often become disillusioned simply because they are doing a whole bunch of work only to see near ZERO results.

Of all the people we asked, this was by FAR the biggest problem when it came to a Daily Exercise Schedule.

And let me point out something else that is equally as important as what I just mentioned, that if you ARE going to Exercise Daily, make sure you keep your daily exercise schedule sessions short and explosive.

20 minutes of Highly intensive gym work is far more effective than 2 hours of chatting to your mates in the gym in between workouts.

So keep your Daily sessions short and focused.

Here is a Daily Exercise Schedule that will enable you to build massive Muscle Mass in a short period of time, it’s simple to follow and does not involve massive amounts of time in the gym.

However, with that said, this is a HIGHLY explosive workout Schedule, so if your lazy, this is not for you.

Check out this Muscle Building Workout Schedule here


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