Creatine For Muscle Growth


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Creatine has been around since the Stone Ages but the longstanding debate is whethet Creatine actually helps or hinders the Muscle Building and Muscle Growth Process.


Does Creatine Work and What is it Good For?


I’ve heard arguments for and against on both sides.

Some have even gone as far as to say that Creatine is a steroid, which is simply not true.

Here is a fact:

Our bodies actually produces creatine NATURALLY, it is a natural product of our bodies.

Creatine is also found as a natural component of everyday food that we eat like Meat and Fish. Without Meat, your body will struggle to pack on any significant Muscle Mass.

Here is a great article from Maximuscle about the usage of Creatine especially if your a beginner, I recommend that you read it.

It is recommended that you take approximately 5g of Creatine 4 times daily for the initial first 5 days for optimal muscle building and strength gaining.

The Skeletal Muscle, stores 95% of the Natural Creatine that I’ve already mentioned in our body.

Creatine can also relieve soreness after an extreme Muscle Building Workout, so many Muscle Builders take Creatine immediately after a workout just for this reason alone.

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