Core Workout Routine For Men


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Core Workout Routine For Men


The “Core” muscles in our bodies are mostly misintrepeted, for the most part.

Most people, actually this includes most “experts” think the Core Muscles are primarily the abdominal muscles.

This is garbage.

The “core” muscles run through our entire midsection bodies including the spine.

Your core muscles give your body a solid rigid support, which is crucial especially for those amongst us who want that elusive V Shape that some men are able to get, seemingly effortlessly.

It is therefore absolutely vital that a core workout routine is part of your gym regimen.

Now that I’ve told you that your Core muscles group is not strictly just the abdominal muscles as most claim, that does not mean to say that it is uneccessary to workout your Abs, especially if you want a six pack.

Here are my Favorite Abdominal Core Workout Routines:

Lying Leg Raise:

You can do this either lying flat on the floor or on a bench.

Doing it on a bench is harder, with more resistance but far more effective.

Here is what the “Lying Leg Raise” routine looks like, picture credited to Musclebuilding . com:

Core Workout Routine For Men

To start,

Lie flat on the bench with your legs horizontal off the edge of the bench as above.

You would then raise your legs into the upper most vertical position as possible.

Pause for 1 second and return to starting position.

Do this for 15 reps and 3 sets.

You can make this routine harder and more effective by both increasing the length of time that you pause in the vertical position and also, by lowing your legs back to starting point much slower.

The slower you do it, the harder and more effective this core workout routine for me will be.



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