Chest and Back Workout Routine


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Chest and Back Workout Routine

This post is mainly going to focus on Back Workout Routines, if you want a Chest Workout Routine, see this Chest Workout Routine Post.

The best Back Workout Routine for the sought after “V” Shape, in my opinion is definately the Lateral Pull Down.

Below is a Workout Routine for the back using the Lateral Pull Down Technique.

This workout is mainly for the mid lower back.

This is a concentrated exercise which requires a good form maintained throughout for best results.

Sit at the Lateral Pull down machine to start.

Lateral Pull Down Chest And Back Workout Routine

Keep your Back Straight and your hands should be about 16 inches apart from one another.

Pull the bar down to your Chest level, hold it for approx 1 second and return back to the starting point.

Do this at a Medium Difficulty Weight, the weight should be heavy, but not too heavy or your form will suffer.

Do this exercise for 3 sets of 12 reps.

Chest And Back Workout Routine Home Video Below:


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