Brawn Definition – Belly Fat

Muscle Gain & Fat loss need to work simultaneously with each other.

If your not shredding FAT all that working out will be pointless.

From a distance, you’ll just look like every other fat guy walking the street.

This category is all about shredding, not just belly fat for great Abs but shredding
the fat in other areas. Such as, Chest, Arms and Face.

There are an absolute shitload of ways, methods and techniques out there to burn fat.

Most of them work if done right.

What you will not find in this category is any advice on Fat Burn Pills. Those things
are flat out dangerous.

Anyone taking them or advising anyone to take them is pretty much mis-informed at best.

Below are links to all our topics within the Fat Loss & Belly Fat Loss category.

Having excess belly fat is a common problem among people who desire to lose weight. It is common for fat to be stored around the belly area. Even in people who are not overweight, excess belly fat can be a problem. It’s not possible to lose weight in one specific […]

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How do you speed up or Increase your Metabolism?   If you are interested in loosing weight and slimming down, or in building muscle and/or toning your body, then speeding up your metabolism will help you tremendously in this process. Not everyone was born with a super fast metabolism, so […]

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Core Workout Routine For Men   The “Core” muscles in our bodies are mostly misintrepeted, for the most part. Most people, actually this includes most “experts” think the Core Muscles are primarily the abdominal muscles. This is garbage. The “core” muscles run through our entire midsection bodies including the spine. […]

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Fat Burning Fruits   Fruit has to be a major part of any Fat Burning diet. Some fruits have enhanced fat burning properties than others. In this post, I’m going to cover the TOP Fat Burning Fruits. The usual Dose of Apples, Oranges, Pears are good enough. But if your […]

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