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If you didn’t already know, Amino Acids are essential for Muscle Growth and Muscle Recovery.

There are over 500 different variations of Amino Acid(s) each perform a different function for a different job.

Which are the best Amino Acid’s for Muscle growth?…

Although there are over 500 different Variations, the human body can only naturally produce 10 of them. That’s it. No more, no less…just 10.

Amino Acid is most commonly found within protein. And Protein, of course is essential for Muscle Growth.

You can read more about Protein for Muscle here.

Amino Acids are ESSENTIAL for muscle growth. If you do not intake at least one of them, your muscle tissue will waste or degrade.

One of the vital Amino Acids is Glutamine, this is essential for Intensive Gym Sessions.

It’s found in the following foods:






Glutamine is also highly effective for recovery, this Amino Acid, significantly reduces total recovery time. So after an intense workout at the Gym and your feeling sore, spinach is what you want to have on your plate in front of you.

Isoleucine is another Amino Acid effective for muscle maintenance, Growth and development.

This is an essential Amino Acid, this means that the human body cannot naturally produce, that’s why it is not in the list above. For this reason it has got to be ingested, or in other words absorbed within food.

Here are the most common foods that Isoleucine is found in:


Edible Seaweed

Soy Protein





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