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What It Really Takes To Own A Fitness Blog

One of the most common questions I get from subscribers is what it takes to run a fitness blog.

Like everything in business it takes hard work and running a fitness blog like this one is no different.

Brawndefinition mainly focuses on Muscle Growth and Muscle Building.

Here are the main business tools that I use to run it, I’ll provide a breakdown of each one in this Blog Post.

  • WordPress
  • Thesis theme
  • Optimizepress
  • Instabuilder 2.0
  • Infusionsoft
  • Stripe
  • Stripeyfuse
  • Thrivecart.
  • Adespresso
  • Jotform

Let’s start with the first one:


WordPress is the blogging platform that I use to write the blog posts you see here on this blog and other blogs that I own

WordPress is known as a CMS (Content Management system) and it makes it really easy to add and update content.

There are other Blogging platforms that you can use, but I like WordPress and I recommend you stick with this.

Thesis Theme

Thesis is a WordPress theme. It’s what makes this blog look the way it does.

It’s a super powerful thme with lots of built in features.

The biggest benefit to using Thesis, is the fact is that it’s extremely versatile and Search Engine friendly.

The search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing LOVE Thesis as it’s extremely well tuned for SEO (Search engine Optimization).

It’s likely you found this blog through the search engines, it’s how I get my muscle and fitness content out to the world.


Like Thesis, this is also a wordpress theme, but it serves a different purpose.

Although you cannot see OIptimizepress on this blog, I use it in other businesses that I have such as this one here.

The purpose is to allow me to communicate with subscribers who request particular content or information from me.

And looks great aswell.

Instabuilder 2.0

This again is also a Theme and very similar to Optimizepress.

I like it because it’s extremely simple to use and it’s packed full of features.

Instabuilder also costs less than optimizepress so it’s a great alternative.


Out of all the tools and resources I use to run my Fitness business, Infusionsoft is by far the most critical tool that I use.

I would never even think about running a business without it.

Infusionsoft is a CRM.

CRM stands for  “Customer Relationship Management”.

It’s how I keep in touch with my customers and subscribers.

When you request information from one of my sites, you’ll be added to my Infusionsoft CRM and I’ll be able to keep in contact

with you and provide you with content that fits your needs.

Whether that’s muscle growth content, Diet Content, Lifestyle content it doesn’t matter, I’ll be able to tailer all my communications specifically to you.

The downside is the Infusionsoft cost.

It’s not cheap.

You’re looking at a setup fee which is $2,500 downpayment and then it’s about $199 at their cheapest rate.

I’m on the Deluxe Package and that bills me at $297 every month, so it’s by no means cheap but worth every penny.


This is the Merchant account I use to accept payment from customers for my various products I sell.

Stripe is really easy to use and specifically designed for bloggers and online business owners.

It’s extremely popular I like it a lot.

Another option is Paypal, but I’m not a fan of paypal at all.

I recommend Stripe instead.


If you use Infusionsoft and Stripe then this is a must have tool.

This is the only way I could connect my Stripe account with my Infusionsoft account without hiring an entire development team to make it happen.

I’ve raised the issue with Infusionsoft and asked them at least a dozen times if they would do a Stripe integration.

For some reason they won’t, most probably because Stripe directly competes with their own Infusionsoft Payments product that Infusionsoft are rolling out.

Stripeyfuse is literally a lifesaver for me.

It allows me to use Stripe as a normal Merchant accountdirectly inside Infusionsoft.

So I can handle all my customer orders inside Infusionsoft while using Stripe as my payment facility.

If you want to use Stripe and integrate Stripe with your Infusionsoft account, this is a MUST HAVE.


Thrivecart is a brand new shopping cart orderform software.

This is what I use to securely take payment from customers who request my products.

Now let me be clear, I could use Infusionsoft to do this.


Infusionsoft orderforms are ugly as hell and extremely complicated to use.

Trust me, I’ve been an Infusionsoft user for 5 years and I still can’t figure it out.

So I use Thrivecart for this and it does the job perfectly.

You can also imp[lement orderform bumps with Thrivecart and that can increase your sales by up to 40%.

So it’s well worth it.

And Finally…


I buy a lot of Facebook Advertising and I use Adespresso to make my life a bit easier.

Adespresso is fantastic and gives you a complete breakdown of how your ads are performing, so that I can optimize my Ads and maximize ROI.

Without Adespresso, a lot of the tasks and data analysis would be too complicated to accurately measure, scale and grow my business.

There are other tools like Qwaya and Facebook Power Editor Tool (free) but Adespresso beats them both.

I’ve tried Qwaya and found it to constantly crash on me and Facebook Power editor has less features.


Jotform is a form builder I’ve used for about 4 years.

It’s perfect if you want to use a feedback form or survey in your business (which I highly recommend you do).

It’s also good for contact forms.

You can even use Jotform to accept payments, so you can build a really cool looking orderfom.

Full disclosure: I’ve never personally used Jotform for this purpose, but I do know that it’s an option.

There other form builders out there and they are all good.

Jotform has improved significantly over the years since when I first joined it.

Back then it was just a basic form builder, but now it’s so much more.

Like I say, there are other form tools out there, I personally use Jotform as it has all the features I need and it’s just so dang simple to use.

And to be honest, I’ve been using it for so long now it’s not really beneficial for me to switch.

It’s going to save you a ton of time and headache.

They have a free and paid option. I’ve used both options.

You don’t absolutely need the paid option if you’re just starting out, but as you grow the paid option is going have less restrictions.

So that’s it.

There you have it.

A complete breakdown of all the tools I use to run my fitness business.

Now let me be clear, there are a LOT of tools out there, I’ve tried most of them, some are good, some are bad, the tools I’ve listed out here are the tools that I use in my business every single day and the ones I highly recommend you use as well.

The top 4 tools on this page that you absolutely MUST have, if you ignored everything else is:

  • WordPress
  • Instabuilder
  • Infusionsoft
  • Jotform

You can add everything else later.